Empowering People to Care

Humankind is great: we have built the pyramids, flew into space, created Internet. But we can also be lazy and ignorant in little everyday things. That may seem innocent but little things add up into major world problems.

It is in our nature to always want more: either for real needs or to feel better. In modern world most people already have much more than most kings had thousand years ago. And we don't stop: every year we produce more and more saluting economy growth but everything has a price: we use limited Earth resources, generate more trash.

Becoming a little more thoughtful will radically change all our lives not in centuries but in years. Giving things that you don't use will change the world: factories will torment Earth less, there will be less garbage both in your house and in your mind. Join now and you'll be surprised how many friends will appreciate your help and will be glad to provide theirs.

We believe that people can care.